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5 Tips for Healthy / Plant-Based Meal Prep

Meal prep – the elusive key to living a healthy, happy life. For some, meal prepping can be the most daunting task in the world. For others, it’s a no-brainer. As for me, I think I’m somewhere in the middle.  Prior to the pandemic, when I was actually going into the office every day, I […]

My Top SF Takeout Spots

When San Francisco went into lockdown in March I started eating A LOT of takeout. My idea of a wild Friday night was ordering in Pizza and watching a few of my favorite movies. In fact, my roommate and I had some fun with it and started planning movie theme weeks. At the beginning of […]

Rise and Shine.

There’s something simply magical about the start of a new day. The way the sun starts out shy, just peaking through over the horizon. The way the day starts out a little damp and chilly, especially on a late fall morning. The way a fresh cup of coffee warms your heart, mind, and soul. And, […]

My Journey to a Plant-based Diet

My journey to a plant-based diet, like most journey’s, is not linear. And, like the journey of life, it’s ever growing and evolving. My purpose today is to share a little bit about what a plant-based diet means for me, how I got here, and where I foresee this journey taking me. The driving force […]